Friday, August 01, 2008

Last year in going to the beach house we kept bringing stuff from Paris or buying it locally. This year we thought we’d be smart and rent a trailer to bring everything we needed. Thursday evening we went from apartment to apartment and loaded our things, praying at each stop that we wouldn’t need to back the trailer. We were lucky till we got to the cottage, which is on a dead end with no turn around. After about ten comedic minutes, an elderly neighbor came out and expertly backed the car and trailer out to the main street. Chivalry isn’t dead.

In the car Christine joked about singing camp songs and after a bit of cultural translation Chloe belted out a modified and somewhat obscene version of HI HO, HI HO, it’s off to camp we go… Having donned a costume at the gulag that is Paris Disney and knows most of those songs. She claims to have been Snow White, we believe she was Grumpy; the truth is probably elsewhere.

Shortly we’re heading out to eat and then to liven the town. Ah vacation.



Anonymous VJ said...

Ah but there's a serious trick to backing up a trailer, and it does take some practice. The elderly gent was probably reliving his youth trailing some over loaded caravan behind an overheated 2CV down secluded country roads at a stately 30-40 KMH.

And yes, anyone at Euro Disney knows all the naughty songs to the standard ones. It's the only way they try and hang on to their precarious & diminished sanity! Cheers & Have Fun, 'VJ'

7:17 AM  

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