Sunday, August 31, 2008

The morning sky is mostly overcast with a few breaks in the clouds; the sunrise should be striking. I’m the only one up and sitting on the deck sipping my coffee. I heard a toilet flush, but so far no one has come out.

I like the early mornings here, they’re quiet. The elderly man at the end of the street has been out with his schnauzers and a couple of joggers have gone past on the main road but that’s it. The smell of the sea air is rich this morning; I’ve noticed that it seems stronger when the air is humid, but the breeze is muffling the sound of the surf. What a contrast from Paris where by this time the garbage trucks would be out and the delivery trucks would be making their rounds. People would be about and the streets would begin filling with cars. I know that I’ll miss the quiet next week.

This is move out day, our vacation’s over, rather than mess with a trailer, we decided to rent a small struck to bring our stuff home, plus the stuff we’ve accumulated. Nathalie has volunteered to drive and Susanne will join her and the rest of us will take the train.

I’ve tried not to think about the coming week, but I couldn’t help it. This week I’ll be terminating an employee for the first time. There have been issues and it came to a head late in the week when Mimi discovered that some tasks hadn’t been completed that needed to be and the employee reported them finished. After speaking with Mimi Friday, I thought about it for a short while and then called her at home to confirm she’ll be in Monday and to let her know that I’m letting the person go and I wanted her there.

We talked about how we wanted to proceed and Mimi reminded me of the labor laws. In France, workers have much greater protections and rights with regard to terminations, much more so than in the US. Regardless this person needs to go, but I’d rather not pay an her extended separation and I shouldn’t have to since the termination is justified. I just need to be sure everything is documented. A call to my attorney is probably in order to make sure that I manage the process properly and to find out how I should carry the actual meeting out.

Maybe it won’t happen tomorrow, but by weeks end.



Anonymous VJ said...

One of those few areas where working in the US has the slight advantage here. We can fire at will most places. But as far as quality is concerned? We still have a really hard time coming up with employees who are college educated And who can also write in complete English sentences & (horrors!) Paragraphs too. You'd think we were asking them to translate obscure Biblical era texts from Aramaic or Greek into Latin. And then to English. It's almost that rare to find someone able & willing to do the work, and actually qualified By their works to do so! But I've ranted on this before no doubt. Hope your vacation was restful. We get none here in the 'States. Cheers & Good Luck, VJ

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Phantom Man said...

Kim, I wish you well in your return to work, and I hope the termination of the employee works out okay. I would think that even French labor laws would permit termination in cases of lying. Having terminated employees for that same reason, I can tell you that it can be difficult emotionally; however, it is something that cannot be tolerated.

It is really nice that your birthday comes during your August holiday, Kim. I hope your holiday was good, and I hope your year is a good one.

Kim, have you ever noticed that the French people and the American government both take August holidays? Amusing, isn't it? Our government is so "French".

I hope you comment on Sarah Palin, Kim. Yesterday, I saw her on TV with McCain, and she was wearing very large hoop earrings. Very sexy and very unlike Hillary and other women politicians.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

PM, I'm not really paying much attention to the US elections, they seem distant to me. Regarding Palin, from what I've read about her it appears that we would have more differences than agreements on the issues.

Somehow I don't believe that Palin is the only physically attractive woman in American politics.


7:23 PM  

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