Thursday, August 07, 2008

None of us plan to be at the beach house for the whole month. Anne Marie and Chloe returned to Paris Sunday and will be back Friday night. With Christine returning to the US Sunday, we’re going back Saturday and I’ll probably not return till Wednesday. This week was set aside as my vacation and I’ve been pretty good about not letting work overtake it. A couple of calls to Mimi, who scolds me for calling and a daily check of my email and voice mail; triaging those that are time sensitive and dealing with the rest next week.

Its funny how quickly we returned to the pattern of last year, beach/shop, lunch, nap/read, cocktails, dinner, party, sleep and repeat. Susanne, Nathalie and her partner, as well as Judith, who we haven’t seen in a while as her job is based outside of Paris, are here this week and we’re dreading the weekend invasion of the others and associated friends. But we’ll make do.



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