Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunday evening we celebrated my birthday. Nathalie and Anne Marie baked a cake and endured many questions as to whether a saw would be needed to cut it. After dinner AM carried it out and I was the one who suffered the kidding. “Quick blow out the candles, before they set off the smoke detector.” “We had to go out and get special slow burning candles because the first ones would be all melted before we got the last lit.” “Is that b-day cake or a torch?” Ya gotta have thick skin to hang with this bunch.

The cake was wonderful and we all had seconds. I opened the my cards, which gave us more opportunities to laugh and then the gift they chipped in to get for me, a deco hand mirror and brush, silver with onyx. Of course I needed to put up with the “does she need another mirror” jokes. When I opened the box the brush and mirror were arranged with the backs up and they all waited for me to turn the mirror over. When I did, I found, fixed to the glass, a photo-shopped picture of me with gray hair and deep wrinkles. Like I said a tough crowd.


The weather hasn’t been very holiday like this month. We’ve had a lot of rain, those tropical storms and hurricanes that disrupt the Caribbean often end up on France’s Atlantic coast. It has made for large ocean swells, but the winds have been strong and on-shore, turning the waves into a frothing mess, limiting our surfing. The weather is a problem with this area and a reason why it is not as popular a summer destination as the Mediterranean. But it is a lot cheaper and we couldn’t afford have this same house in say Sainte Maxime at least not for a month. Despite the weather the location has grown on us, its low key and relaxing and that’s what we wanted and the Brits don’t come here.


Amanda Brooks, in her blog After Hours has been chronicling her experience working in a Nevada brothel. It sounds awful; I think I’d rather work on the street. Check it out if you haven’t already.


At Debauchette (?) I saw a link to this article Secrets of a Hipster Hooker. I read it and didn’t find anything exceptional till I got to the end and then a couple of things seemed off. An allegedly high end madame, sends a totally new to the business girl to see a regular and is upset and surprised when said girl freaks and bolts?

That the madame blew a cork over the incident is to be expected since emotionally unstable and madame go together like peaches and cream. But who in their right mind would not warn the client? If I ran an agency the conversation would have gone something like this, “Timothy my dear, I have a new girl for you, a very new girl. Are you interested? Well good, what time do you want her to come by? That will be fine. One thing I want to be sure you to understand is that this girl has never done this before. What’s that? Yes I guess so, a virgin to the profession anyway. And you’ll get to pop her cherry! But remember, like all first timers she’ll be nervous and perhaps won’t even show up. But if there’s a problem, don’t worry we’ll take care of it.” I did forward the link to an acquaintance, Sabine, who does run an agency and after a few exchanges where I helped her with the translation she responded to the effect, “dumb f____n pimp.”

Between that and the reported claiming to have acquiesced to the madame’s demand for compensation I read the article again and what seemed at first to unremarkable, now was simply clichéd and I’m questioning the veracity.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of the details sound fake and others were probably exaggerated stories. Example: says they started by hanging out in bars, when smart girls would work through an agency. By my count, the number of claimed Ivy degrees now exceeds the number of female Ivy graduates for the years in question.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I noticed the hustling in bars comment also. But high end hotel bars are a place to troll for customers, but since the bars frown on companions soliciting customers like the the person selling wilted rose buds, a girl can waste a lot of time on a mark only to find out that he's only interested if its free, making it a venue only for those looking to supplement a regular income. I'll agree that a casual arrangement with an agency makes more sense. If only from a safety point of view.


8:05 PM  
Blogger Gillette said...

Happy Birthday, Kim...glad you had good cake! Have a great year and that your birhday week continues to be good.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Phantom Man said...

Happy Birthday, Kim. I am pleased that your friends celebrated your birthday with playful cheer. I hope you have a really great year. Thank you for bringing cheer to all of your readers. You are wonderful.

3:38 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Happy Belated B-day Kim: I liked this about the Brits & Hols:
"They scream, they sing, they fall down, they take their clothes off, they cross-dress, they vomit," the mayor of Malia, Konstantinos Lagoudakis, said in an interview. "It is only the British people - not the Germans or the French."

More: "the story is the same: They come, they drink, they wreak havoc".

"The government of Britain has to do something," Lagoudakis said. "These people are giving a bad name to their country."

We come from an awfully proud tradition of boors & hooligans! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

8:56 AM  

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