Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Business has been flat for a few months. It’s not yet problematic and we continue to be busy but our revenue isn’t growing and costs are up. We’ve added a couple of clients, but the budgets are smaller and our existing clients have scaled back their plans, though no one has cancelled an initiative. The US companies who gave us a nice growth spurt earlier in the year are cutting back partly due to the worsening economy there and Europe is falling into a recession. I’ve pared my forecast and have deferred plans to hire another program manager.

The termination occurred and as expected she said she’ll appeal to the Prud’hommes, an employment commission. I expect to hear something in the next week or so.

As much as I miss Christine’s company and companionship, there are benefits of living alone, the pleasures of self love, for one. Stretching out on the couch or slouching in a comfortable chair, fingers brushing lightly. Feeling a warm, comforting surge through my body or perhaps something more lascivious with pressure and penetration with multiple fingers; abetted possibly with toys resulting in much thrashing and moaning. At times even an exhibitionist wants some privacy.



Anonymous phantom man said...

Hi Kim, I hope your business picks up soon, and I hope your employee termination situation works out for you. If you don't have the income to pay her, how can you be expected to keep her?

I also understand your feelings regarding privacy. There is always a tension between wanting privacy and wanting a companion. We need both at times. And speaking of self love, I wonder what you think of this article.

I also wonder what you think of the young woman who is selling her virginity to help pay for college.

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