Thursday, September 04, 2008

When I picked up the mail after being away I found a birthday card from Dmitri. A real card, folded paper, an envelope, ink, a stamp and a note. “…hurt…angry…proud…and then too late,” an apology.

I held on to it for a couple of days, wondering how or even if I should respond and in the end sent an email acknowledging and thanking him for the card and suggesting that when he is in Paris to give a call. Immediately I received an auto response that he would be checking that mailbox infrequently that he had embarked on a trip to Cape Town from France overland; his dream trip that we spoke of making together. I knew the trip was pending, Tomas had told me; Dmitri contacted him after finding out that Buster was now in Tomas’ possession.

The message went on to say that he’d be traveling with his friend, {a woman’s name} and another couple in a separate vehicle. There was a link to a website and against my better judgment I clicked it. It’s the woman from the market.

This must mean I’m free.



Blogger Gillette said...

How does it feel?

10:59 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Wait! Does this mean he's using 'ol Buster to make it from France All the way to Cape Town (SA) on a clapped out VW bus? The same one that broke down from Europe to Moscow?? BWAHAAAA! Karma's not the only one going to be out to get him. There's a few Civil conflicts to avoid and half a dozen different wars, famines & governmental 'collapses'. Too bad they'll be another vehicle also along to try and 'rescue' them from themselves. (Yeah I know I'm mean, and I hardly know the bloke!)

But again cowardly does not even begin to cover it all: “…hurt…angry…proud…and then too late”??? WHY? How? Why should he have been angry? Proud goes along with the entire picture, true. Hurt? How? How was he hurt, injured or affected in the slightest? And too late? Geez, it's been well over a year. If you had not bumped into him, you might just have next seen him decades from now perhaps.

So yes, closure is a fine thing. Let's hope his lady friend survives another one of his foolish adventures. I mean why not tour Afghanistan while he's at it? I hear the lovely poppies are in full bloom at high summer.

All in all a fine belated B-Day present. Seeing the bullet that just missed seriously injuring you pass you by once again. You can only be wounded by this blowhard once evidently. You can count yourself lucky in that too!

Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

5:13 AM  
Anonymous phantom man said...

Kim, it seems to me that in life, there is seldom a reason not to be nice, not to be considerate. I'm sorry Dmitri doesn't understand that. I hope you can feel free of feelings toward him at some point, free and happy. It would have been a mistake to be with someone who is hurtful. You deserve someone who is passionate for you alone, and is not hurtful.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Gillette, not what I expected, at least not emotionally. No sense of relief or freedom, just a little sadness.

VJ/PM, personalities and character are complicated things and at times a strength is a weakness. Lord knows I’ve ruminated about this enough and picked it apart endlessly and in retrospect given the situation some of the things that I admired most about Dmitri would betray him (or maybe me). However late, I’ve received what I wanted, at least minimally, and I harbor no ill feelings toward him.

FYI, Buster is Carole and Tomas’ now and probably to your surprise, it transported them through a three week trip to Tunisia and Libya last winter. D is traveling in a Land something, Cruiser I think, though it looks nothing like the one Rachel had in college. I did a quick scan of some of the sites on my sidebar and it seems that there are many people traveling in Africa now or in the recent past and even a few through parts of Afghanistan and they are living to tell about it.


5:32 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Always good to know Kim. But Frenchmen traveling the length of the continent N/S? Probably not as common as we'd care to imagine. But it's good to know Buster's till alive & kicking. And truth be told, up to a certain point they don't do too badly in the heat, as long as you don't over load them. Which always is a temptation & a hazard. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

4:52 AM  

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