Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

“Well, probably the BEST thing about detoxification of the soul, after sticking thousands of needles full of heroin goo into your veins, is that you realise that if your mind is obsessed with a pursuit - you can be whatever you want to be - not just a skinny wretch of an addict.”
Heroine Girl
Some bloggers you enjoy their writings, their point of view, but your not invested in the person. Some, like Debauchette and Gillette, I know that what ever comes their way, they have the capacity to handle. Others, like Heroine Girl, I root for.

Renee and I began blogging about the same time and I’ve tried to keep up with her writings over the years. More than most her life has been that of chutes and ladders, achieving then reverting, the life of a junky is like that. But she seems to have that under control and little by little she has built a life for herself.

Beautiful, depraved, touched on a subject that has been a topic at the irregular, classic erotic film festival (screened in select living rooms throughout Paris, by invitation only), when (and why) is pornography erotic? We’ve concluded both the hard and soft porn of the 50’s through the 80’s is sexier and more interesting than what is currently released. Real plotlines, even if they are thin and clichéd, reasonable production values, sometimes exotic settings; all things lacking in the, hey bitch, do you want to fuck milieu of today’s porn.

A Top 10 list of Paris bloggers – Much that I agree with here.

A good find by Nikki Magennis


The risk of poolside weddings.

I haven’t picked on blonds in a while.

I'll be a good slut mistress.



Blogger Gillette said...

Aw, Kim...thank you so much for your honoring. Hope all goes well for you in your world.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Any time Gillette.


8:48 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Thanks Kim, I've been thinking about the same deal as BD on Porn. Well, this is why the amateur vids really took over the industry, right? No one could stand the 'produced' stuff anymore. So some youngish BF/GF get the contract to go ahead and do mostly what they want, and you see what comes out. That's now once slice of the 'market', except few actually Pay for this now! The paying stuff seemingly is mostly fetish now, and that's really specialized seemingly. But for stuff that is ubiquitous it's strangely less and less lucrative with the 'democratization' of the marketplace. Hence the further decline in production values or anyone else taking the production seriously enough. It's just a vid a day, and they hope to sell them to the poor suckers who don't know differently.

But yeah, little of porn today is all the erotic, and fewer still know from any real artistic values or insight into what it is that they're supposed to be 'doing'. Strangely enough the FT (FT.com) did a bit on this a few months back too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 'VJ'

3:55 AM  

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