Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes a puppy.

There’s a small park near my apartment, a vacant lot really that has been remade into a public space. It’s on a side street and quiet, with a few trees and during the summer numerous flower beds. I enjoy going there even in the fall and winter to sit on a bench and decompress. A couple of weeks ago I was there in the late afternoon. I had a meeting and rather than return to the office I decided to finish the day’s work from home and stopped in the park for a few minutes.

As I sat there a small dog, a puppy came up to me, I reached down and pet it and licked my finger and pushed against my leg. Picking it up, I placed it on the bench and it crawled into my lap. There I scratched his ears and he began playing with my fingers. Thinking he may be hungry I dug in my bag for the bag of carrot sticks I carry to snack on; he snarfed it down ravenously.

It was time to go and I couldn’t just abandon him so I carried him along; figuring that I put signs up for a possible owner or find the little dear a good home. And I did, mine.

Knowing he was hungry I stopped at a store and picked up some dog food. When we got home I put out a couple of bowls with water and food; he ate and drank it all while I was checking my email. Maybe it was he was too quiet, or maybe it was a faint smell, but I looked back and he was peeing on the floor. “Hey, what are you doing?” I yelled as I jumped up and went toward him. The puppy gave me the same incredulous look that the pugs give me when I express displeasure about some perfectly normal canine behavior.

He took his scolding sheepishly and I went off for a pail of soapy water and a rag. While cleaning the urine I looked up and “NO…” he was pooping by the door. After cleaning that and taking him outside to do, well, nothing, I realized I was overmatched and needed a consultant. Juliette is the family dog training expert, a degree from the School of Naughty Dogs, I believe. Anyway she reminded me that what goes in must come out and something usually does about 15 minutes after eating and shortly after waking up, usually just about enough time to get outside. She told me that the pup was smarter than I was and would quickly figure out that we’d be going for a walk after eating, in the morning and whatever times that I started taking him out, and would remind me if I were tardy. After a couple of weeks I’m pretty well trained.

I’ll admit I was slow in getting him toys and I now have a gnawed chair leg, a turned ragged hem of a rug and an interestingly modified Jimmy Choo to show for it. Now the apartment looks like a two year olds bedroom. We also have a new piece of furniture, a dog kennel that he seems perfectly happy with and willing trots into it when I leave.

The vet said he has some beagle in him and who knows what else, he’s mostly black with some white and brown marking on his nose and ears and three white sock as well as markings on his tail, he also thinks that fully grown the pup will be about 15 kilos. Since the blog has a virtual dog, Wags, so the puppy will also be Wags at Mercurial Girl, so stop and give him a treat. At this moment the little terrorist is sleeping on his dog bed, I expect shortly he’ll be up throwing it around if I don’t entertain him.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And of course this being Paris you can join the rest of the dog owners and let him go anywhere and not clean it up.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make sure you keep him busy and exercised. I am not familiar with mixed ones because we only owned working breeds, but those guys become bored and destructive if they don't have work or exercise. But your consultant probably told you that already.


12:13 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Hi Thais,

How are you?

The wisdom that I've received on a T-shirt is that A tire dog is a good dog


7:13 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yes, good thoughts. And puppies. Always more reliable & loving than the alternative. Now matter who they are. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

3:12 AM  
Anonymous Phantom Man said...

Hi Kim, I've been away for a while, but I'm happy to see that you have a new puppy. You will fit perfectly in Paris, and I'm happy for you.

On a different topic, I will be interested to read your thoughts about the Diane Sawyer interview with Ashley Dupre.

I hope all is well, as it must be with your new puppy.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

PM, I haven't seen the Dupree interview yet, perhaps over the weekend.

8:47 PM  

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