Thursday, December 04, 2008

Leaving the white walled, barrel vaulted ceilings of Union Station for the dingy, yellow tiled walls of the decrepit Penn Station. Do you think they chose that colored tile because it looks dirty and no one would notice that they place is never cleaned? At least Grace is dispatching Robert to fetch me so I don’t need to stand in the taxi queue.

Gramps is fine and his usual debonair self. He wanted to know how Kim & Co is fairing and how I’m managing with my investments. He joked that he won’t out live his money, but would like to put a serious dent into it.

Amy was busy, so Rachel and I had a sandwich and a glass of wine while I waited for the train. They love Washington and have really enjoyed getting to know the city and decorating their apartment.

Uncle Ken left me his copy of the Anglo Files on Thanksgiving, so I read it on the plane. All ex pats become amateur anthropologists of the natives of our adopted homes. The natives deny their peculiarities, but we know the truth. Go to Oliver for impressions of Parisians.

Train's leaving, time to sleep.



Anonymous Phantom Man said...

Yes, Kim, isn't Union Station beautiful? We don't have many beautiful buildings in America, as you do in Paris, but Union Station is very nice. And at Christmas, it is even more beautiful, with all the decorations. It will be rocking at the Inauguration; one of the Presidential balls will be held there.

9:01 PM  

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