Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sugardaddies were still a topic of conversation when I reached NY. When asked for my reaction I bit my tongue, demurred and covered myself with a lame joke. The writers of the XX blog at Slate regularly get their panties in a bunch when trying to get their arms around high-end sex work. This time one of them sought an expert's opinion from Debauchette.

Generally I concur with Debauchette’s view, though I’m open to and have used a retainer. My advice to someone considering or seeking to be a supported mistress, agree on the parameters of the relationship and the remuneration and then get a check at the beginning of the month. The worse situation is settling for the apartment, the car and a credit card. Then you’ll find out that the relationship is over when the card is rejected, the car is missing from the garage and the locks have been changed on the apartment; while the building manager is harassing you to get your now boxed belongings out of the store room.

If he wants you in a little love nest, fine, tell him that you’ll spend time there, but be clear that it is his expense over and above the retainer, but keep your own place for a private space. Take a car and credit card if offered, but I’d negotiate a higher stipend in lieu of. The gifts will come anyway, there is a Birkin (or is it the Kelly?) from Charles as well as Chanel and Lavin in my closet, but the bonus from my relationship with Charles is a fatter investment account that will continue to provide for me when the creep is even a more distant memory.

Christine is fine, she likes being a residence monitor more than she thought she would and is really enjoying the women in the dorm. The first pregnant freshman incident has come and gone with the girl making her choice with the support and consultation of the mother. Chris told me that her fear, when listening to the girl the evening she came to her, was that the girl would say that she couldn’t speak with her family, but that wasn’t the case. Academically she is finding it much more challenging and is realizing that how much she skated through her undergraduate classes. She’s still not sure that she likes living on the east coast and thinks it would be easier if people spoke the same English language she does. Ah accents.

Milf-hood seems like fun.

Remember the flood joke about the fundamentalist trapped on a roof who turns away several rescue attempts, but the drowns in the rising waters? That's not this little guy.



Anonymous VJ said...

Can't say how common the MILF's are (where were these women when I was a tyke?), but for the Orca's? It's real common for them to play with their food like that. Penguins are a fav too. They're just luck their little boat was not hit! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

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