Thursday, December 18, 2008

Veiled Respectability, added on the sidebar. Mercurial Girl has a troll, I don’t know if he (I’m assuming the commenter is a male) considers himself one, nor do I know if he’s a Mercurial Girl exclusive. Occasionally he pops up and says something snarky and goes silent. I guess he does as the comments are anonymous. A comment on Tuesday’s post was a nice contribution, but the tag, “Excuse this interruption to your cute puppy, hot lesbian debauchery and veiled respectability blog,” sure sounded like our troll. I’m not sure why he doesn’t like puppies and lesbian debauchery, but veiled respectability is a keeper.

A couple of new blogs added to the sidebar, Ken and Ariel and Living with a Call Girl.

A few years ago I was introduced to the concept of micro financing, lending small amounts of money in order to allow someone to start a business or buy seed to plant crops, as a method to fight poverty in the developing world. Think of it as teaching a person to fish, rather than a loaves and fishes way of fighting poverty and hunger. Kiva is a web based organization that matches lenders with specific borrowers in developing countries. The loans are small, typically around $25 dollars and the repayment rates is very high. Loan some money for the holidays.



Blogger j said...

Isn't respectabilty just a veil for most of us? Tis one of the lubrications that allows society to function smoothly

3:00 AM  

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