Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glass Cliffs

"...people will give women a position of power only when there’s a strong chance of failure. Why? “If someone has to be the scapegoat to take the fall, you’re not going to put your best man forward,” Ryan says. Women are thrust into desperate situations precisely because they’re likely to fail, generating “proof” that women can’t handle responsibility."

Lesbian to become the Prime Minister of Iceland. Enough said.

Chaos has descended on my humble abode. The pugs have arrived for their semi-annual stay while Dad and Juliette are away. By themselves Abelard and Heloise are good guests, they get a bit strident near meal times and there is the dance in anticipation of going for a walk, but mostly they look to get their ears scratched and tummies rubbed and then will curl up on a dog bed. But then there is Wags. The pugs are young enough, four, to still have a lot of energy and when incited…well Wags is incitement writ large. Its funny that they seem to have adopted a tag-team approach in playing with him, one rests while the other plays and then they switch off. One thing I’ve learned, is not to walk them wearing a slim skirt and heels; I nearly ended up in the gutter tangled in dog leashes.

Recently I had a chance to speak with my brother-in-law for the first time since he became one of the dazed and confused wandering Wall St. He’s found another job and from what Grace said, it seems that his salary is about a third to half what he had been making. He joked, good naturedly, about his potential bonus, “near the mid five figures,” I know that he is accustomed to another zero. He is happy to be employed and likes the company. I asked him what he was thinking about doing when the dust settles and after allowing that would depend partly on how Wall St. reinvents itself, he ventured that he expects Glass-Steagall will be re-implemented in some fashion and that may provide a space for traditional investment banks and money management firms.

The fashion shows have started, couture ended yesterday and the men’s was last weekend. Now we have a break till the ready-to-wear shows that are in March. In the past two clients have had activities in conjunction with the show but this year only one and a smaller presence even then.

Kim & Co. is making do, not prospering mind you, but our revenue has been slightly above the mid point of range that we predicted. Unfortunately the projections for the next few months are down a little more than I thought in October. But it’s still early and our accounts receivable is in better shape than I expected, so the bills are being paid, making our vendors happy. Everyone is trying so hard to keep costs down, that our margins, in percentage terms are up a bit, unfortunately a better percent of a smaller number.

VJ, good find on, it goes nicely with the High End Girlfriend Index. Reading a few of the posts reminds me why I believe prostitutes have more integrity. Also, a minor existential question, why do sugar daddies get tagged Charles when the tale is being told? I should be able to answer that, but can’t.

Guys, a hint, don’t give your GF or partner any of these.

Great ad

Bloopers even



Anonymous VJ said...

Thanks Kim, Good to hear that Bo-in-Law has landed somewhat safely, that's quite a stunt in today's economy! I liked this quote from the HEGI (NY Post):

"For good measure, the HEGI is confirmed by the High End Stripper Index. Hayes allows he has a certain admiration for the strippers he has represented.

"They're all homecoming queens with no fathers who are in grad school," Hayes boasts. The tuition has become increasingly difficult to pay in recent days, with some strippers resorting to selling their favors".

Nothing much to add! Cheers & Good Luck with the riots & Demos! 'VJ'

4:24 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Like the Durex ads BTW. They'd never run over here either! And evidently the makers of the T's just leave out most of the other possible combos, right? Cheers, 'VJ'

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Phantom Man said...

Kim, with regard to women and glass cliffs, I was interested today to listen to a historian mention that all of our great Presidents entered office during great crises and led the nation through those crises. The commentator mentioned that Obama now has the "opportunity" to join that group. I hope the woman in Iceland joins, too (for her own country).

I also enjoyed the Durex ad, and wondered what you thought of the Peta ad that was rejected by NBC for the Super Bowl. I thought it was really cute, and I also enjoyed Whoopi Goldberg's reenactment. Evidently, PETA didn't care for Whoopi's version and issued a statement, but they should have been happy that she gave them a lot of free publicity.

I was interested in the "DADAs"; some women are in it for the good times, but not the difficult ones. I agree with you that escorts are more honest. They make it clear up front.

I was wondering whether you were attending the fashion shows this time. Best of luck with your business during these difficult times.

4:17 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

PM, being a roots and fruits kind of gal myself, the PETA ad was fun.

6:45 PM  

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