Saturday, January 03, 2009

Over time I’ve collected bits of possible posts, mostly erotic, but for various reasons they’ve never made it into the blog. Usually I found something else to write about or was never in the mood to finish them. I’ve decided to complete some of them and post them as an off and on series. They’ll be divorced of context, time and place, and may be from past professional engagements or my sexual wanderings.

“Hi,” he said “we’re almost finished, do you want to meet me at my apartment?” I was agreeable

When I got there he hadn’t arrived; I had a key so let myself in. The apartment was a duplex with a small entry foyer stairs to the second floor and a hall that led to the kitchen. To the left was a living room with the dining room behind, which they used as a gaming room with a couple of large screen TVs and computers. To the right was a small kitchen. They had blocked the hall door from the foyer in order to have a counter to eat at (when they ate at home). He shared it with a friend who traveled frequently on business.

On the foyer side of the doorway a small buffet had been placed and an earlier girlfriend had decorated it with an antique vase with a picture behind it, lit by a spot. My plan for a little surprise would have me sitting on the buffet in a cashmere camisole, black, seamed stocking, thong with a black and red lace panel and ankle strap pumps.

When he arrived with a couple of friends, I was sitting leaning slightly forward, legs crossed at the knee and my hands on the edge of the buffet. It was dead quiet when they saw me. Stifling a smile I slipped to the floor and walked ever so slowly toward him, my heels clicking loudly in the hushed room. When I reached him I lifted my head and brought my lips to his, giving him a good tongue lashing, at the same time my right hand rubbed his crotch. He stiffened appropriately. “Do you mind if we stay in tonight?” I asked. He stammered an affirmative reply. Looking at his friends I told them he was busy tonight and could they return another time. Laughing they said they would and I pushed them out the door, shut and locked it.

“Should we go upstairs?” I asked, taking his hand and leading the way.



Anonymous VJ said...

Lovely vignette Kim. Would that more women were able to do the same. The world would be more contented & the streets quieter. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Phantom Man said...

Very amusing, Kim. I have been away and am just returning, so I am late wishing you a Happy New Year. I hope it is a great one for you.

8:33 PM  

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