Saturday, April 11, 2009

Before Christmas, a save-this-date email was forwarded to me from a couple of sources; at the bottom was my name among a couple of dozen others under the header, Please Help Us Find Them. The event wasn’t anything that I was anticipating or would be really excited about, like Amy & Rachel’s nuptials (what’s taking those two so long anyway), but my tenth high school reunion. Alternately I think, it’s only been ten years? Or, really, it’s been ten years? When I think about it a lot has happened and I realize how different my life is now than it was then.

On our return from Senegal the formal invitation was in the mailbox that I gave them. The date is problematic as it’s in mid August and we plan to take the beach house again, plus it will require the expense of a trip the States and I’d rather not incur another expense now. But I’ve decided to wait in sending my regrets as a business reason might bring me to the US allowing me to justify the marginal cost.

One thing I was curious about though, where they would have it. The only hall in the area was the decrepit legion hall about which we joked that the reason couples lived together or eloped was to avoid having their wedding reception there. But sure enough, it will be in the newly remodeled legion hall. You mean they finally washed the curtains?



Anonymous VJ said...

I got one too recently. For one of those multiples of 10. Never went, never had a desire to go. My wife neither. We escaped one small town, exchanged for another. To try and go about life as reasonably & enjoyably as possible. History of way back when? A limited artifact of the age. I know not, and I'm not much interested. It's during our 4th Q too, which is a 'no go' region when we've got a business to attend to. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

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