Sunday, June 07, 2009

Checked my watch, her flight landed about 30 minutes earlier and she should clear customs at anytime. I’m waiting with the other greeters, leaning against the wall my eyes fixed on the exit portal. I spot her but she hasn’t seen me yet, she looks tired. A business geek yakking on his cell phone stops directly in front of her and she almost bowls him over. She says something to him, probably ‘asshole,’ she’s irritable when tired.

Christine is here.

She sees me and a smile lights her face, we come together, a hug, a long wet kiss and another hug. She steps back and reaches out and touches the ends of my hair, “Your hair, it’s so long.” It is long, as long as I’ve worn it anytime since high school. I nod my head yes and tell her I finally got tired of vacillating between Audrey Hepburn short and young professional female, parted on the side, tucked behind the ear or pulled back and tied.

Later at the apartment I needed to run out for a bit, when I returned she was asleep on the couch, Wags cradled in crook of her arm. He looked at me, guiltily, he’s not allowed on the furniture and he knows it. I let them be.



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