Saturday, June 27, 2009

Christine rushed in and slipped into the chair, apologizing for being late. She placed the Birkin, my Birkin on an empty seat. I had an appointment near where she is interning and called and asked if she wanted to meet for lunch.

She caught me glancing at the bag and somewhat guiltily and said, “What?” “Is that m...,” I started and she interrupted me saying, “you said I could use it.” I had, last summer. I couldn’t stifle a smile. Last summer I was cleaning off a shelf in the wardrobe and tossed the Birkin onto the bed. C spotted it and snapped it up. “How’d you get this? Don’t tell me, I know.” She sat there holding it and I half expected that she would begin muttering, precious, my precious.

She asked me if I used it and I told her not often, but that she could if she wanted. When I told her that at some point I planned to sell it, she looked up and with her most endearing smile and said, “You could give it to me!” I probably will.

Early in our relationship we were having one of those disclosure conversations and she told me that occasionally she would get an unreasonable desire to acquire some wildly expensive, unnecessary something, which would cause hardship down the road. Her then current albatross was a Land Rover that she leased on a whim and needed to keep dancing for a year longer than she wanted to in order to make the payment.

What does she carry in the Birkin? Her backpack and within that, her wallet (a small purse really), plus a sketch pad, books, pieces of cloth and thread, a needlepoint that she’s working on and probably a couple of moldy sandwiches. I’d want HAZMAT gear before poking around in there.



Anonymous VJ said...

Funny! Slightly cheaper handmade leather bags can be had here:

but yes, I know that's not the point. Styles not withstanding, (I know!). The point may be that it's at least 1/2 to 1/3 the price (or under!), still handmade, but in the US, and it can be personalized. Nicely done too. We have a few of their pieces and are quite happy with them. They've got a lifetime warranty too. Just send it to them & for postage most of the time they can repair it. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

4:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah the Birkin! A pink one at that! I've been wanting a blood-red Birkin for a long time. I think the Birken must be a Giffen good - as the price / accessibility rises so does the desire for it - not unlike us soiled doves.


1:29 PM  

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