Monday, July 06, 2009

My brother-in-law Robert contends that the most entertaining thing about marrying into to our family is the intra-family debates about personally inconsequential issues. His reasoning being that they combine just the proper mixture of erudition and snarkiness to be entertaining. At this years family gathering my brother Kenny and I were the main event, with the subject being government’s role in fighting the recession. Let’s leave it at saying that I advocated the Keynesian position and Kenny a conservative, dare I say neo-conservative position. God, Grace and Leah are right; our parents did bring the wrong child home from the hospital.

We went back and forth for a while to everyone’s amusement and then he began making comments about investors etc. He stopped when Robert began chortling, and tried to backtrack. But I’d have none of it, he was out on a limb and I intended to saw it off. “You’re right, I guess I wouldn’t know anything about investing in a business,” I said. Since college Kenny has either worked in government, those research institutes where apparatchiks of the party out of power go, or he has taught. “And I know that you gained tremendous insight into the private sector from the three years that you worked at the C-store while in college.” We all had a good laugh at his expense and he took it well.



Anonymous VJ said...

Tenured reactionaries for sure! I've been saying this for much of the past 2 years: 'What part of the Great Depression did you enjoy or not understand the 1st time?' Evidently it's quite a bit from exactly the same parties too. SSDD! Cheers & Hope the trips enjoyable so far... 'VJ'

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