Tuesday, July 28, 2009

With vacation season here it’s a good time to take stock on Kim & Co. Things are going surprisingly well, in fact our revenue is nearly what it was before the s___ hit the fan. The events and trade shows are still way off, but we launched some new ventures, things that we were planning and some that we’d talked about but didn’t have time for. Now we do and for the most part they weren’t bad ideas. Not that everything is rosy, our accounts receivables has lengthened, which is putting pressure on my own payables, since like everyone else credit is tighter. It’s a catch 22; you can have credit as long as you don’t use it. But all in all I’m more confident than I’ve been in a while that we’ll get through this.

We had an intern from my alma mater this summer. It started with a paragraph about me in the alumni magazine that was noticed by a writer for a campus publication. That article generated a couple of inquiries at the office that coordinates internships about the possibility of one at Kim & Co. I assigned her to Mimi, who worked her like a rented mule. She didn’t have a summer in Paris flirting with boys at the cafés with an internship consisting of following a manager around. She did follow Mimi around, but she also gave her project responsibilities.



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