Monday, August 17, 2009

In London, we did the tourist thing, the changing of the guard, the Tower of London, etc and we had a nice time. After seeing Christine to the security checkpoints at Heathrow, I returned to Paris as there are meetings and business to attend to as the vacation season draws to a close. Later in the day she texted me from her layover, “I hate flying.”

On the train I was able to catch up on the ongoing health care debate in the US and all I could think of is that my fellow countrymen are nuts. If I were to return to the US permanently, the French service that I’d miss the most is health care. Both my gyno and GP, work in small, private practices with a couple of other physicians sharing a nurse or two. During my appointments, I don’t feel rushed and they have taken the time to get to know me, to the point that I have begun to develop a real level of trust in them.

But isn’t French health care expensive, some might ask? While it’s difficult to do direct comparisons, I’ve had the chance to compare what it costs Kim & Co to provide health care for my employees, to a couple of US companies of a similar size and the cost wasn’t that different and my employees probably have more complete coverage.

On a bit of good business news, a client who abandoned their programs around the fashion shows, emailed me to day to ask if we could put something together for the fall season, apologizing for the short notice. I sent a couple of messages to contractors to see if they were available and they replied within minutes that they were and accepted the lower remuneration that I offered. So my staffing problem was resolved. Regardless, I’m going back to the beach house Wednesday evening, but it looks like I’ll be spending more time working than relaxing, but I’ll be worrying less. Maybe the recession is over in France?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Kim,

Official stats just out show modest growth in the French economy for the 2nd quarter, which means France is officially out of recession!
So your personal experience seems to confirm the stats.
Good luck


11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct: your countrymen, notably those on the right, have lost the thread of reason. M

9:27 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yes, check with Bloomberg for the latest stats. But yeah, a good deal of Seniors(!) are going completely crackers over the proposed health care reforms. They've got their Medicare & don't care if anyone else Ever does! Amazing really, ~40% of them evidently don't think of their now valued Medicare as a 'government run program'.

But it's good news about the new contracts too. Congrats. We're still doing well too, for some odd reason. We finally got our numbers in and are doing better than we have any right to expect. Best in the biz actually, now. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

8:09 AM  

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