Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The weather this summer has been much nicer than last year, a shower here and there but no all day rains. The downside of high pressure systems is that the surf has been small and the prevailing swell hasn’t been favorable to the local beaches. For Anne Marie and me, that has meant we check the surf forecast each evening and the live reports in the morning and make a decision as to whether we’ll travel up or down the coast.

Christine goes home Sunday. Earlier this summer she commented that in her trips here, she had never made it to London, so I suggested that she fly home from there and we’d make a weekend of it.

It has been a lazy couple of weeks, I did need to go back to Paris for a couple of days, but got out of another trip, when a client learned that I was on the coast and suggested we meet here. It gave him a chance to sneak away early and start his weekend.

The buy a beach house conversation has started again and it is more serious this time, if for no other reason that AM and I are the principle conversationalists. We’ve come to the conclusion that a beach bum’s lifestyle is appealing and we’ve fallen in love with Atlantic France in all seasons. She wouldn’t mind changing jobs to manage one or more smaller hotels. For me I can almost manage Kim & Co from anywhere, though realistically I would spit my time between here and Paris. Nothing will happen soon, if at all, but the gears are turning.

I’ve made some changes in my sidebar, adding a new category, Style and Sustenance for blogs that deal with living and eating. Also I’ve added a new blog to the Soiled Doves, Moonlight Musings by Lilly Ling.



Anonymous VJ said...

Ah the old beach bum attraction play. You've successfully reached the threshold of the shadow of middling age. The 'vacation' home away from home is one of the singular features of this transition. And you've reached it earlier than most. So congrats at your evident success & over the continued accomplishments of Kim & Co. And yes, it is lovely out there too. It's just really hard to make a living w/o bringing your with you! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

11:18 AM  

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