Friday, September 18, 2009

Garance is spot on about Fashion Week and I’ll add the same is true about the auto shows. Sometimes I feel I need to go to detox after leaving one. This year I’ve left Frankfurt in good hands, the press days and the public opening are enough thank you. But now Fashion Week, I’ve steeled myself that this year I can't just put in an appearance or avoid it all, as I did last year. Too much business gets done there. So Monday, it will be off to Turin for some meetings and then to Milan for the rest of the week. I’ve promised myself, only two drinks and in bed by midnight. Then there will be Paris, but at least I’ll be home.

Oh how I wish I were there to have witness this. I pass through the Jardin du Luxembourg at least twice a week and it’s always so boring, children playing, pensioners lining the benches, lover’s shnogging on the grass and the tourists everywhere taking pictures. But Dana Boulé provides an engaging account, ah Paris.

After reading her blog, stop and listen to some of her music.

And more here.



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