Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Summer over, a look in the closet for what to wear, the shoes catch my eye first. The long thin heel, the sole just beyond thin, a basic Jimmy pump. I slip one on, notice the toe cleavage; I have a long day ahead I tell myself and a lot of walking. It doesn’t matter these are bringing me pleasure. My hand reaches for a skirt and a force guides me to one. Holding it to my waist, I think, it’s short, very short for work and I lay it on the bed and find a white silk top and jacket to pair with it.

Dressed, I preen in front of the mirror, Wags watching me, I feel sexy, I look sexy and I want to be noticed, but I need to do something about my hair which is a mess from the sun and water. I sweep it up, but only for a short while as my first stop is the spa where Romero will do a reclamation project on my hair and skin.

A few hours later I leave the spa for the office, two men handsome, well dressed each carrying a thin valise walk toward me engrossed in a conversation. As we pass the conversation stops and both look toward me and I allow myself a small smile. The day is starting well.



Anonymous VJ said...

Government men no doubt, wanting a report back on the project:


Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

4:09 AM  

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