Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I sent Dad some pictures from this summer. One was a picture of me with Wags in my lap. I was wearing a sweatshirt from my college and a colorfully patterned skirt that I purchased at a Dakar market. The other day he sent a copy of that back with one of my mother.

If you looked at pictures of my family you’d likely say that Grace and Kenny favored Mom, while Leah and I take after Dad. Some of Mom is in my appearance, our eyes and hair. If I don’t set or at least blow dry my hair it is quite wavy and at the beach house I usually just wash it, brush it out and let it air dry. That of course has me looking like a 60’s hippy chick.

The picture Dad sent was of Mom, sitting with a small dog in her lap, wearing her school’s sweatshirt and a flowered skirt. In the picture she’s younger than I am now, probably early 20’s. I’d never seen this before and I was surprised by how much we looked alike. Anne Marie was with me and I turned the computer so she could see. She looked at the pictures, then at me, and then back to the pictures. “Eerie,” she said, smiling.

When I got home I photo shopped them into a single photo, sent copies to my siblings and grandparents and added it to rotating photo album that I have a screen saver.



Blogger Robert said...

reminds me of a family joke. When by son was a baby and then a little boy, the comment was "Well we all know who the father is but who's the mother?" His mother's family contribution to his looks didn't emerge until puberty.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

your dad must still love your mom very much for him to see the similarity in the pic so quickly...

it's heart warming to know that your mother lives on through you in spirit and in appearance...

Thanks Kim for sharing that...

9:38 PM  

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