Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Garance commented on blonds the other day, natural and otherwise. I tried going blond once, it was a disaster. Rather than blond, it came out yellow, not the yummy yellow of sweet corn, but the mealy yellow of feed corn. But since I was interning in Atlanta no one noticed.

The day before leaving Atlanta to visit Grace prior to school starting I shaved it off. Not bald, but like a 6 year olds wiffle (as Dad calls crew cuts). That led to a few months of playing with boy drag looks.

She also has a nice post on the women who make fashion work.

I've finally broke down and bought a pair, thigh-high boots that is, just the thing to wear with a mini. A couple of designers have shown leather shorts/hot pants, add a corsert and I'll be in full dominatrix mode.

Petite Anglaise is giving up her blog, or at least regular updates. I’ll miss her as she hit a note for me being an ex pat living in Paris. Stuff like using improper French, at least Wags doesn’t point that out for me.

And as long as we’re mentioning adjustments, Lisa Tunney has a few more cultural curbs to trip over as well communication follies and the mysterious 5 a 7.

Got run now, it’s nearly 5.



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