Friday, October 02, 2009

Turning without looking, I stepped into a VIFP (very important fashion person) with courtiers. Nothing to do of course but step back, excuse myself and smile. Expecting a withering stare, I received a quick survey of my outfit, vintage Chanel, even from a mediocre collection, being appreciated, and a question, had we met.

Formally several years ago I replied, but more likely I’m familiar due to my company having represented clients during fashion week in Paris, Milan and London for several years. Who introduced us? Grace ____, my sister, at ____, mentioning the location. Grace’s name evoked a smile and the comment that she has an adorable but rambunctious child. I agreed that Robbie is indeed all boy. “You must be the sister she’s in business with?” “I am,” I replied, and they were gone. A moment later an assistant circled back and asked for my business card as she handed me one. The exchange made I looked at my program manager; I asked him if he wanted to bet dinner that this wasn’t the assistants card, he shook his head. Indeed on turning it over it was the assistant’s.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, at least VIFP remembers you. Hopefully new business opportunities will be forthcoming. :)

3:43 AM  

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