Monday, November 09, 2009

Dad is keeping a bucket list, I find contemplating him being gone depressing, but he’s quite cheerful about it. I have my own list, things to do when I’m wealthy. Some are grandiose, like establishing a foundation and giving away my money or a more practical version, become an important patron of causes that are important to me. The best part of that is I’ve started to do that already. Some are personal, such as having a rambling country house where my grandchildren can visit as long as their parents let them stay. And gifting them with the opportunity to have what ever, where ever education they want and not have to begin their careers in debt, as my grandparents provided me. Others are frivolous like a bedroom with a window that frames the Eiffel Tower rather than the aircraft warning lights of La Défense. Among the frivolous is having a MarquisJet card.

This is being written as we’re heading for 30 something thousand feet on my way to NY and my day, week started with the miserable experience of passing through security, herded on to the plane and I’m looking forward to the always smiling, welcoming Customs officials in NY. It’s not the experience of the flight and I don’t feel that first class is worth the cost the seats in coach have enough room for me. It’s the departing and arriving hassles I want to avoid. Nor to I want the whole avion privé experience of my own plane or even a share, just something a little exclusive.

As long as I’m being delusional, I may as well go for broke.

Forget your Phantoms and Arnages, keep your Ferraris and Astons, if you loved me, if you really, really loved me. You’d chauffeur me about Paris in this!

I’m worth it. I am.



Anonymous VJ said...

Very lovely Kim, Thanks for the vid vignette. Me? I've always wanted one of these, a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Armored Car, but there's only 2, and they're spoken for:

TE Lawrence spoke highly of his, and I'm certain I'd not need an escort of a dozen cyclists to make it across the city in one!

But yeah, you know you're getting older when thoughts turn to giving your hard earned money away. But we always imagine there's hope in & for those errant grand kids. Only to be constantly surprised on that account. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

9:55 AM  

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