Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In the space between when I awoke this morning and Wags figured out I was awake, I began thinking of Belle and what she must have gone through last week upon learning that she was to be exposed by someone she once trusted. Belle being a realist and organized knew this day might come, so she’d thought about it and likely had a plan that was fully coordinated with her publicist.

The phone call to her parents must of have been the hardest, as she knew that they would be disappointed, but softened only by the knowledge that they would love her anyway. She may have found a bit of irony in telling her friends, a few of whom may have suspected but said nothing. Imagine the conversation with her boss. The story of the conversations with friends and co-workers probably has the making of a good magazine article.

Soon, I suspect, she’ll having a quiet evening and her thoughts will turn to the scum bag ex who believed he could hurt her and receive his own fifteen minutes of fame by outing her. A smile will cross her face knowing that her admission leaves him only being publicly identified as a scum bag.



Blogger Robert said...

The choice Dr. Magnanti faced may eventually have to be faced by you, Kim. Do you have a plan in place to deal with it if it ever confronts you?

7:59 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Of course, but I also know that anyone who knows me and is aware of Mercurial Girl has probably made the connection if they thought about it for say two seconds, OK, maybe five. Beyond gossip value among my friends and acquaintances, I can't imagine any interest. It's doubtful that AFP, France 24 or Le Monde would have items. Keeping MG separate from the real me provides plausible deniability and privacy but not true anonymity.

Those who followed Belle de Jour from the early posts recognize that the celebrity of the blog was based in large part on the incredulousness that a common whore could write such a witty and engaging blog. The Who is Belle parlor game in the chattering classes came from that disbelief. Dr. Magnanti, to her credit, parlayed that interest into books, a regular newspaper column and a TV series, all the while maintaining anonymity. That only added the curiosity as to her identity and her success took that curiosity beyond the blogosphere.

By contrast Mercurial Girl has on average fewer than 1000 page views a day, mostly from readers in the the US, Canada and the UK, but I have IP hits from most countries. Tiny by internet standards, but I believe that my visitors are quite discerning and I appreciate you all. It is doubtful though that France's arbiters of cool and important feel that MG is worth noting.



9:12 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Thanks for your thoughts here Kim. Belle has indeed parlayed her fame into a quite unusual literary brand that's actually provided her with an interesting & entertaining 2nd career & creative personal outlet. on her blog she now says she wished she told her parents earlier, and they were 'quite lovely' about it all. Ditto for her co-workers & employer.

I really cannot imagine a similar ‘happy’ outcome here in the US. She might have run the risk of prosecution from every would be cowboy DA out there. From almost any jurisdiction she may have crossed in the course of her business venture. She’s also instantly be set upon by any number of protestors for dozens of different lobbies & ‘pressure groups’. The anti-women, anti-porn, and anti-whore groups. The pro-women anti-trafficking and anti-prostitution groups. The anti-choice, anti-women, anti-health care groups. The anti-women, anti-working women, anti-any-thinking women groups (that’s Congress, mostly) would want a complete wall to wall investigation. With all the media lights blaring trying to become the new thuggish ‘conservative’ & ‘women/morals saving’ heroes. It's good that she's a smart chippy fair English Rose. For all their doubts & crazies? They do far better than us here on the topic! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

10:16 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

OK that should have been: "She’d also instantly be set upon by any number of protestors for dozens of different lobbies & ‘pressure groups’.

Obviously. Cheers, 'VJ'

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never, ever understood the idea that "a common whore" might not having writing ability. Factory workers, prisoners, etc. have all written popular works of both fiction and non-fiction. Writing talent is uncommon in itself so perhaps the phrase might be "a common whore with an uncommon talent" of being an excellent writer. You seem to have that as well, though she has demonstrated some ability to stretch that over a number of pages. M

2:15 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

"I've never, ever understood the idea..."

A conceit on the part of the insecure, unaccomplished, educated, want-to-be elite. The talent from an unexpected background is always the exception, even when it occurs regularly.

M, thanks for the complement on my writing. Perhaps the difference is that it is one thing to be able to write well and another to be a writer. Being a writer requires a far more refined and advanced skill set, with talent being a powerful additional value.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say being a writer of something of length requires desire, organization and stick-to-it-ivness. Not much else because most things that get written are not good.

Richard Burton was a drunk, as was Johnny Mercer, so people tend to think that being a drunk goes with being a great actor or lyricist, never mind that most by far are not. We're full of irrational conclusions. M

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Phantom Man said...

Kim, please forgive my late comment on this post; I have been away for a while. I was stunned to learn the identity of Belle, and incredibly fascinated, just as I am fascinated by you. You may recall that one of the women who worked with the DC Madam was employed at the National Institutes of Health (although I don't know if she was a scientist), and others were professional women. I find intelligent women who are not afraid to find enjoyment in being an escort to be the most fascinating women of all. I wish Dr. Magnanti -- and you -- all the very best, and I hope all of you find not only enjoyment, but also financial rewards. You are the most fascinating women alive.

1:16 PM  

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