Monday, December 21, 2009

Last week I noticed Gillette had commented on the The Girlfriend Experience and that reminded me that I wanted to watch it. We’re in the middle of a several day, off and on, series of snow storms, so staying home; warm and comfy watching movies seemed like the right thing to do on Sunday evening (till Wags demanded going for a walk). Checking around I discovered GFE could be streamed from Netflix.

It was OK; though the affect of Sasha Gray’s character was so flat I have a hard time imagining her getting repeat clients. The representation of the appointments was accurate. It’s not unusual for a regular to spend time talking about issues in his life, including spending the time, or the whole appointment, yakking on the phone about business. Like a lot of movies that represent an unfamiliar life, the number of ‘issues’ covered in what seems to be a short timeline is dizzying. Boyfriend problems, a Dave Elm-like character, redoing the website and falling for a client… Sheesh, I’d need valium and a vacation.



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