16 February 2010

Followers and social networking

Recently, a few ’friend’ requests have arrived at my yahoo.fr email and ‘follower’ notifications via blogger. Regarding the friend requests, months ago I closed my personal social networking accounts, because I found them to be a massive time suck. The exception being those related to Kim & Co, which are active on several sites including a couple of Twitter feeds. Updating those is a rotating task at the office, except when we have an intern. So my erstwhile Yahoo and Buzz friends, while I appreciate you asking, but please don’t be offended if I ignore the requests.

Followers on Blogger present a different issue, I’m notified that there are followers, but since I’ve not updated to the latest Blogger web tools I can’t see who you are. This begs the question of why haven’t I upgraded? Remember when you were a kid and you touched the stove? You never did that again, right? Well the first time I upgraded from an old tool set, it wiped everything out but the posts and comments, resulting in my spending a few hours rebuilding Mercurial Girl’s sidebar.

After several bloggers said the later upgrades weren’t at all painful I looked into it and determined that the quickest and easiest way to move to the new tools would be to delete a bunch of the new HTML code and replace it with code from the current blog format and that pretty much defeats the purpose of the upgrade.

So followers, thank you whoever you are.



Anonymous VJ said...

I don't know how long I've been following along. But it's been awhile & some years. I too think that most of the social media stuff is a just a huge waste of time, and it's only marginally useful for business. But hey, we've got employees that no longer answer emails or voice mails too. So go figure. So you're one of my fav 'Franco-American' creations. Well other than the predictable ones here:


Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

7:41 AM  

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