Sunday, March 14, 2010

A few years ago Nathalie received a video camera as a gift. It seemed that she was constantly pointing it at one of us and recording our happenings for posterity. Scary. Recently she edited several years of recording into an hour and a half video “Friends’ Follies,” which she premiered at a potluck she hosted Saturday evening.

God my belly hurt from laughing. One chapter was Anne Marie and me learning to surf, from the first summer we rented the beach cottage. AM paddling after a wave, but being ahead of it and having the back of the board rise up and flip her feet over head, several times. My near Sisyphean attempts to paddle out only to be swept back into shore by the breaking surf.

But she captured the very first time that I stood up on the board. If only for a second, with the board scooting out from under me and my falling into the water off the back. She caught it all and replayed it in slow motion, stop action and in reverse several times. First one arm extends in the air as I try to maintain my balance, then the other, my left foot lifts from the board and my weight shifts to my right, my ponytail flies out at a right angle to my head and ever so deliberately I fall, kersplash, into the water.

I’m glad she wasn’t there when I leaned to ski, forward motion, ski tips cross and then face plant into the snow, pick myself up and repeat.



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