Monday, March 01, 2010

In Paris, it's tough being the most stylish girl in the room. There you stand feeling smug for the admiring glances and then all the eyes are averted for there is a new girl who is stealing the attention. Then to add insult to injury she's four.

Tory Hoen at the Hip Paris Blog has the details and the incriminating photos.

The fall-winter Ready to Wear shows start tomorrow, already the best tables are being taken up the roving pack of fashionistas, their diarists and hangers on. This is for that select group who deigns to tell us what to wear.

You'll need to go to YouTube to view it as embedding has been disabled, sorry. Link



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm so copying that 4yo when spring hits. a-dorable! —eb

5:24 PM  

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