Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Following our successful meeting, Grace returned to the city, missing the rhythms of being a mother and wife. That left me on my own and is my wont I scanned the local press for a possible business meet and greet to spend the early part of the evening. As luck would have it there was a women’s entrepreneur group meeting at a restaurant not far from my hotel.

I find these meet and greets a nice way to spend a few hours and learn about the local business community in a way that you won’t from the business press. Kim & Co has even gotten a lead or two but not yet any business, but that’s an added benefit. In particular I enjoy entrepreneur groups, though women’s business owner groups can unfortunately be a mixed bag. One question I always ask is why they started their business. Most responses are along the lines of; I want to be my own boss, I have an idea/vision, I believe I could do it better/faster/cheaper etc. The one reason that drives me crazy is “I wanted more flexibility in my work life,” i.e. I want to work less but not lose any income. Trying to be nice my response is to smile and wish them well and then move on; all the while trying to suppress the snarky comment that I also appreciate being able to put in my 60 or so hours a week whenever I feel like it.

Admittedly that’s harsh and I know that these women are trying to create a balance in their lives. Mimi and I have spoken about this several times, she’s smart enough and driven enough to have her own business, but she admits that she really wants to go home play with her kids and not think about work or the business and she knows that as a business owner she couldn’t do that.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont own my own business, but I am fairly successful in my chosen profession, I work approximately 240 hours a month. It is hard not to make snide comments to other women about how hard I work. You have my applause.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Anon: I should add that often the flexibility comment is followed by an admission that business is not going well or that it a roller coaster. Plenty of work followed by weeks of little, mostly due to the fact that the individual didn't keep seeking new business while they were busy.

Whether having your own business or working in a demanding profession we make choices that we need to live with. If I chose to work for someone else, I'd still be putting in these hours (and probably having a higher salary), but that's me.


4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there's a balance to be sought with the busy vs lull times when you are working for yourself but not yet big enough to have hired help. It's a difficult one to strike, and one in which you find yourself asking, "Can I handle this workload without losing my sanity?"... bleh. —eb

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