Thursday, April 01, 2010

Irena is here, filming, behind the lens rather than in front. Over the weekend we had dinner before going out dancing. She’s tries to recruit me to be in a film, I’ve said no so often that it now has become a mostly joking repartee between us. As we bantered, we both noticed that the adjacent tables had fallen silent. Irena has a dry and mischievous sense of humor and with an exchange of looks we started.

“You’ll only put me in a school girl uniform again.” I sniffed.

“Maybe not,” she replied with a grin. “You’re getting too old.”

I nearly kicked her.

“Perhaps…perhaps a business woman, an imperious business woman,” she suggested. “I know you can do that,” smirking.” Who has an employee, a man who you treat poorly… Or maybe I’ll cast you as the lady of the manor who is supervising a group of Arab contractors who get fed up and decide to teach you a lesson.”

Then we started laughing.

By the time our dessert arrived our eavesdroppers had left and a friend of Irena’s Milla, had joined us. In girl fashion we each ordered something different, had a taste of each plate and felt guilty rather than virtuous for leaving most of the desserts on the plate.

There was a newish club they were interested in so we headed off, but it didn’t go well. Shortly after arriving they were recognized and we were a subjected to a steady stream of irritants. I read observations that male fans of porn actors have a heightened sense of entitlement towards the women and actually believe that the woman should gladly have sex with them. I believe it.

After about a half hour I suggested lez club that I enjoy and we went there. Milla, who mostly does lesbian themed films and who has an enthusiastic following among women, was recognized, but people respected our privacy. It was a fun evening.



Anonymous VJ said...

Yes, it's an entirely different cultural frame now. Respectful distance is not done by many of the masses with regards to their boorish imagination controlling their secret desires. Circumspection is most unfamiliar to the new century. Cheers, 'VJ'

11:15 AM  

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