Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It’s been hot here and muggy. My apartment is not air conditioned and the windows in each room are on a single wall stilting air movement. I do have a small window unit for the bedroom, so sleeping is comfortable, but it is also proof that I’m an American and not a hardy Parisian.

Around Valentine’s Day, nymphalidae left a comment and as she is a blogger, Myriad Metamorphosis, I visited there and found that Mercurial Girl is on her sidebar. I’ve been meaning to return the favor and finally I’m doing so.

Last August, we reserved the beach house again and in April we needed to confirm and make a payment. Our lives have changed and among my friends and all, except Anne Marie have partners. Though if I check her Twitter feed, she might have announced undying love in the last half hour. AM lends veracity to the old, tired joke about what does a lesbian bring to a second date.

With the changed lives most were interested in a different holiday, leaving AM and me to take the place on our own and find other share holders. We decided to pass, figuring that we could find a smaller place if we so desired, or try a different beach town. Plus Buster offers a travel option and that’s what we’ve decided to do.

After considering a trip south along the French coast to Spain and Portugal, we chose Scandinavia and particularly the Norwegian coast to explore surfing beaches, but also a bit of Sweden and Finland. Except for an afternoon in Malmö, I’ve not been to any of these countries and AM has only to ski, so it will be all new for us. Our plan is to leave on or about 20, July and be gone three to four weeks.

The punch line to the joke? A U-haul.



Anonymous VJ said...

Sounds like a capital idea, but the folks from the coast are going to miss you all! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

5:42 AM  

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