Thursday, June 10, 2010

This morning, I took the early train to Le Mans. After checking in at the team HQ, dropped my stuff at the trailer and set about finding Kim & Company’s project managers to see if they needed anything. I didn’t bother the racer, as they were engrossed in preparations for qualifying.

Every industry has its community and as I crossed the grounds, I’d intersect others, marked by shouted greetings, waves, air kisses and the occasional hug. Many I know from the auto show circuit, some are K&C competitors and others are recent, being from the racing world.

The other evening Anne Marie and I were looking at some photos, she held up a couple of pictures bracketing my face and said in English, “You look so much plainer now.”

When I first met the six, they were excited to have an American friend so that they could practice their English, but I was desperate to become fluent in French. The compromise was that they would help me with French till I could navigate life in Paris and then we’d converse more in English. Except for occasional gender confusion, my French is good, but as Rachel will drolly point out that language is not the only thing where I exhibit gender confusion.

Seeing the surprise on my face, AM realized that she must have used an incorrect word, and quickly retreated to French. What she meant would be more accurately translated as my look is more relaxed or simpler. It’s true; I’m not as fussy about my appearance as I was when those pictures were taken. At that time I was a full time escort and often ‘on call.’ Today I’ve gone back to the daily presentation that I developed in college. It’s quick and easy and saves about 20 minutes in the morning.

Practice/qualifying starts soon and I have a responsibility.



Anonymous VJ said...

The simpler routines are best. And if you're not playing to a paying audience for the effect? Why bother? That's the bottom line for many. And I'll bet you look just swell w/o all of it too! Cheers & enjoy the show, 'VJ'

5:27 AM  

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