Monday, July 26, 2010

Within the EU travel across national borders is pretty painless, but taking a pet to Norway is a throwback. Wags and Buffy had their EU doggy passports (Yup) and all their papers were in order, but we were uneasy. As we neared the agent in the Goods to Declare queue, Anne Marie whispered the we should just run if they won’t let the dogs in and we giggled nervously. Truth be told, we needed to go through a similar procedure entering Denmark, but there, a jovial Dane glanced at the paperwork and waved us through with a big smile.

With trepidation we handed the papers to the stern, female customs agent, whose ancestor, I’m sure, was a coxswain on a longboat. She frowned, then sighed, then consulted the computer and the papers again. She looked at us hard, for a few seconds and then handed us the papers and said we were free to go, but she was sure we were hiding something.

We stayed in the Bergen area for a couple of nights and explored the city, who are those wee people with dark hair and dogs, we imagined the pensioners asking among themselves.

Yesterday, we continued north along the coast looking for surf spots; nothing was promising as the swells were small and windblown. At lunch, in a small village, we asked for a recommendation of a campground and while there wasn’t a commercial one nearby, but there were a few spots that the locals used, overlooking the fjord, and we could camp there. What a beautiful spot. Pretty much it has been drizzling or cloudy since arrived, but Sunday had some sun and during the evening we built a fire, partly for affect and partly for warmth and waited for the sun to set. It did spectacularly at about 10:30 and a few minutes later the full moon peeked over the mountains behind us.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Norway. It is so beautiful. Glad your pets made it through :)

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely you can post some pics of those gorgeous scenery you witnessed. :) Thanks!

12:08 AM  

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