Thursday, August 26, 2010

The day Apple introduced the IPad in France our IT firm dropped four off at the office for evaluation. Several times a year we use tablet computers for various projects and the IPad could provide a less expensive, lighter alternative. Also clients have customer apps for the IPhone that we will need to enhance.. I was traveling the day they arrived and one was left sitting on my desk, Mimi scooped one up and the other two were to rotate among the rest of the staff. On my return I had two inquiries as to whether I’d be using the IPad, I would.

Being kind of a geakette, I like gadgets and found the IPad cool. I liked the size, the promise of what it could do and figured that it would replace the aging netbook that I’ve have in my bag for routine tasks. But after a couple of weeks I began grabbing the netbook more often, simply because of the keyboard, and it is more functional and performs decently at tasks that the IPad is poor at. For the trip to Norway and Sweden, the IPad was the logical choice, but in the end I left it on the desk at home, taking the netbook to go along with a large Macbook Pro that would serve my business needs and as a movie viewer.

As far as business applications, we’ve specified one for a customer and we’re finding that the development costs are higher than for a Windows tablet and the lack of Flash support is problematic. Also, we hear rumors that Apple is being more difficult regarding distribution through the ITunes store, important as there will be an app for distribution to our client’s potential customers. For business, I like the form factor of the IPad and for apps intended for our client’s customer we’ll just deal with the issues, but for internal business apps in support of our clients, I’m looking forward similar products with Windows or Android as the operating system. Competition is good.

Oh and rather than replace my current IPhone with the new version, I plan on an Android model



Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr.mister has an htc incredible running android and LOVES it. i tend to be a luddite and have even thought about downgrading from my blackberry back to phone, but for the freedom it allows me with freelance clients.

you'll love android.


10:31 PM  
Anonymous london escorts said...

They are great apart from the fact that they cant read flash sites which is a pain since most sites are heading this direction.....

2:48 PM  

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