Monday, August 23, 2010

This weekend I laid low and took care of myself. This gave me a lot of time to catch up on the news and some blogs.

Gosh, Naomi Campbell is really buffing her reputation. From abusing the domestic staff to blood diamonds and consorting with Charles Taylor, was he giving advice on how to treat the little people? Shades of Eva Braun

Is that creaking I hear, the sound of a closet door opening?

Spent some time yesterday reading sugar baby blogs and a couple of things I can say about them is one, are they supportive of each other. A new SB blog springs up and she has comments! A john, sorry I mean sugar daddy is found and the comments reach double digits. The second is, besides themselves who do they think they’re deluding?

Trading your time and sometimes having sex for something valuable isn’t different than prostitution, it’s simply a different point on the sex work continuum. This denial isn’t limited to sugar babies, or daddies, as the men are denying the truth that they are in fact hiring a sex worker, but crops up other places. A few months ago in an article in NY Magazine, Half Hookers, on bottle bars and VIP hostesses, such as ex-Tiger hottie Rachel Uchitel, explores this nether world of mercenary sex.

A more interesting example was an article by Susannah Breslin on the current state of the porn industry (sorry I don’t have the link). During an interview of a first time actress, who also works as a nude model and a dancer, Breslin asks if she has worked as a prostitute. As I recall the actress strongly says she hasn’t and hopes not to.

Stop and consider this for a second, here is a young woman who is on break during a movie shoot where several men have/will face fuck her and abuse her anally and then to finish up with a bukkake scene. Sorry, but I don’t consider that to be better than escorting, or street walking for that matter.



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Status arguments. Escorts argue that their lives are private, that they don't do circus style sex acts, etc. Porn workers focus on the performance nature of the business, that they "work with" other performers instead of civilians and that they are public instead of private. It's impossible to compare because escorting is private for the vast majority of escorts and porn performers focus on the segments of society that are more accepting. M

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