Sunday, October 03, 2010

The first person I ran into on the floor of the auto show Thursday morning was Racer. I hadn’t seen him since July, he was cordial and I polite and then we went on our way. The romance petered out quickly after LeMans and while I never thought it would last long, it did end quickly, but with little acrimony. It was fun and broke my tendency to wallow in the breakup of significant relationships, which is all that I hoped for when it started in March.

I’m resting today, I’ve shut my phone off, logged out of email and IM and I’m spending some quality time with poor neglected Wags. It’s been nuts, with the fashion shows and the auto show opening this week and Milan last weekend. Milla joined me in Milan for a few days, it was fun for a couple of days, but after that I needed some space and wanted her to go home. She craves attention and seems to lack the understanding that for me these events, even the parties, are part business, even after I explained it to her. The sex is great, she can be fun, but I’m not finding her intellectually stimulating, besides there’s no room for two narcissists in the same relationship.

Thursday and Friday evenings the auto show had private parties, as of course did the fashion shows, so I’ve been double dipping. Friday, I picked up an admirer at the auto show party, a nice guy and if he asks and I’m sure he will, I’ll see him. But I did take advantage of nature calling to give him the slip and leave for a fashion party.

Lastly, I want to say to Jo at Amuse Bouche how very sorry I am to learn about your loss. As I am learning, faithful, tail wagging companions bring much joy to our lives. I can’t imagine being without Wags.



Anonymous jo said...

That was so sweet. Thank you. I can almost read that without busting into tears. Give wags ears a stroke, I miss the poopers ears - like velvet.

1:38 PM  

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