Thursday, December 30, 2010

As is their custom, Dad and Juliette went out to her family’s farm after Christmas, which was a rousing success. Christmas Eve is when Juliette’s family gets together and it was interesting watching the children interact as the only common language was child. Saturday, we all were up early to see if Santa found the kids. It had been a big worry about not being home at Christmas. Everyone was pleased that they weren’t missed and Santa left a note saying that there would be additional presents at home.

I slipped off to prepare the turkey with Catherine’s assistance and soon we were joined by the kids. They had picked up that this was Grammy’s turkey that their father knew growing up. The eldest, the twins, have memories of Mom, as she spent a few weeks a year at Kenny’s. They had also surmised that not all was right with Mom and that over time they understood that she committed suicide and now comprehended what that meant. I tell you it was hard preparing dinner. I explained the best I could about bi-polar disorder and they seem to understand some of it. But then they wanted to hear Grammy stories, as if they were trying to fill out their memories of her.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Kenny and Catherine slipped off for their rendezvous and on Wednesday I took responsibility for the kids. They decided that rather than stay Wednesday night at Dad’s, where they could have their own beds, they’d rather stay at my place and all share a bed. So that morning we put together overnight bags and set off for my apartment via the Métro, the older two each being responsible for a sibling and a stern warning that if they wandered off we might never find them again as they didn’t speak French to tell the police who they were. It worked.

I had a plan; a variation of the, a tired dog is a good dog plan. A tired kid is a good kid. After dropping the stuff at my place we headed for the Hôtel de Ville and the skating rink. That was followed by hot chocolate and lunch. Then it was back to my neighborhood and sliding on card board toboggans in the park. Back at the apartment the heat was turned up and pasta, heavy with sauce, cheese and sausage was for dinner. It worked, on before the next they drifted off to sleep. I was tired to and pulled out the inflatable bed and crawled in around nine. After the light went out, I heard Wags leave my side heading to the children and found him spooned with Molly in the morning.

This morning they were fussed over by my neighbors at a local café and we then headed back to Dad’s.

I was watching them play in the park when the love birds came up the sidewalk holding hands in that little state of bliss, that visitors want in Paris. The romantic getaway was working its wonders, but reality soon intruded as the kids spotted them. I left them then and I reached the corner, turned back and took a picture of the happy family.



Anonymous VJ said...

Ah cherished memories no doubt! Cheers & Good Luck in the New Year, 'VJ'

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

You make a great aunt.

7:38 PM  

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