Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For a while I’ve been meaning to link to Bianca, a Toronto based companion who is contributing essays at McSweeney’s . Read her stuff it’s good. From today’s piece.

Most of my clients open with, "Hello," but Jason greeted me with "You're early! What the fuck?!"

"I'm a corporate lawyer. A hired goon for Fortune 500's looking to buy other smaller companies," he said.
"Oh, I bet that's nice," I replied.
"Do you? Would you really know much about it? Do you have any education at all? Or are you just a hooker?"

When I worked for Marie, I had a couple of clients like that. The first time I was new and pretty naive, so I put up with the abuse. The second one I walked out on him, but I knew that I had Marie's support if that is what I chose, my lesson from the first experience. But that can be hard at many agencies.

Oh, I bet he lives with his parents and that they are out of town.



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