Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girls’ night out last evening to see the Black Swan and eating of course. I’ve been holding off on seeing it till Anne Marie and I could coordinate our schedules, Hannah and Denise joined us. I started taking ballet lessons at three and grew up convinced I would be a famous ballerina. At about thirteen I finally gave up that dream, but kept up my lessons for a couple of more years as the discipline was a welcomed distraction from the growing chaos in my life. The highlight of my ballet career was being a mouse in the county ballet production of the Nutcracker. In college, I began dancing again, though not seriously. Today those years of training haven’t been lost as I still start each day with the stretching exercises and use the fence next to my apartment building as a barre

We loved the movie, with our only complaint being that there should have been more dance scenes. AM also is a refugee from dance class, though for her it was a means to improve her balance for her true sporting love, skiing. It’s interesting, the sexual harassment and the eating disorders depicted in the film are similar to that found in modeling. I asked AM about skiing and she said the harassment happens though the eating disorders less so as pressure is to get stronger not look thinner or smaller.



Blogger Ainsley said...

I was disappointed in the amount of dance scenes too, but I am not sure dance was meant to be the focal point of the film.

I remember wanted to dance ballet too when I was younger. I think once you realize the time and dedication it takes, the dream disappears.

2:01 AM  
Blogger J said...

It's always interesting to get snapshots of the young Kim. Quite enjoyed this post as well as the one about Edie

12:39 PM  

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