Saturday, January 08, 2011

On our shopping spree before Christmas, I ran into Sabine. As we had just started up an escalator when she called out to me, we simply agreed to lunch after New Year. Then she held up her hand and the glittering rock on her finger, blinded all in view. Having not seen her in a couple of years, I’d want to catch up and the ring made in more intriguing.

Her husband, they married a few months ago, was a client of her agency. When they met at a party, she thought she recognized his name and when he gave her his number it matched. After a few dates she told him. Needless to say he was surprised, but it passed. It became serious and they talked of getting married or PACSed. The agency was a problem, as it would embarrass him greatly if she were to be exposed or arrested, and her closing it was a condition that she gladly agreed to.

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of André, not that I haven’t heard from him. There was a lovely missive on Christmas and messages most days, but he hasn’t felt the need to see me. This is a pattern; he wants to see me a few days in a row and then disappears for a few weeks. Whatever, how this relationship develops or doesn’t is OK, he’s fun to be with and interesting, but I’m not the sit home and wait type. Particularly when the boring, but nice salary man keeps asking me out.

Tonight is his office’s holiday party and he asked me along, it could be boring or mildly interesting, though from what he says about his peers, it could be interesting.



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