21 February 2011

A benefit that has come from Kenny bringing his family to Paris over Christmas has been that I’m now closer to my nieces and nephew. Rather than being Aunty Kim, who blew into their lives once a year for a day or so when they were enmeshed with their friends and interests, they got to spend blocks of time with me and see where I live and the places that I like to go.

Saturday evening as I was getting ready to go out, my various devices began squawking with an incoming Skype, it was the twins, they were out shopping with their mother and wanted my input on some clothes, i.e. would fashionable teens in Paris wear this and could you take pictures of what kids wear and send them to us?

The girls are in that period between childhood and adolescents and they careen between the two by the minute. Catherine confided that on the agenda for them in the coming weeks would be shopping for their first bras, something she looked forward to, but also dreaded. I told her that one of the first things I’d noticed about them, was that they were getting a bit of shape through their hips and bum. She acknowledged that and said it was like one morning they woke up and the little girls were gone.

On one visit to my apartment, they asked if they could look through my closet. I had to consider that a moment in case there was something I’d rather them not stumble across, but that stuff was in my storage space, so I let them. Off they went with Molly following along as I had followed Grace and Leah, not quite knowing why but figuring anything they were doing would be more interesting that what I was. When I finished what I was doing I joined them while Mathew continued to entertain himself by playing Tony Hawk and learning about dinosaurs, his current fascination.

When I got to the room I found them with a few items out and taking turns standing in front of the mirror holding a dress in front of them. My closet passed their fashion sensibility. As they looked at items, they asked where I would wear a dress or suit and what would I have on with it. They giggled at the mention of dates. Finally bored with outerwear, they wanted to look through my lingerie drawer.

Admittedly I like fancy knickers and as they each lifted out a bra and panty set they giggled again and exclaimed that their mother would have anything like that. Which made me smile, knowing what Catherine had purchased for her rendezvous with Kenny. A basque and the suspenders intrigued them and they found it surprising that I didn’t wear pantyhose, only stockings. The show closed when one held up a lacy G-string and exclaimed that their mother wouldn’t let them wear anything like that. And well she shouldn’t I told them, that they would someday be old enough, but for now needed to wait.



Anonymous VJ said...

Ah the delights of an Auntie. Anywhere. But especially in Paris too. Cheers, 'VJ'

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh i remember playing dressup in my mother's closet! so much fun :-)

xo eb

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Robert said...

Auntie's maternal instincts are showing. ;-)

7:59 PM  

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