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Over time I’ve collected bits of possible posts, mostly erotic, but for various reasons they never made it into the blog. Usually I found something else to write about or was never in the mood to finish them. I’ve decided to complete some of them and post them as an off and on series. They’ll mostly be divorced of context, time and place, and may be from past professional engagements or my sexual wanderings.

He was on the phone, when I came out of the bathroom in my bra and panties. I sat on the edge of the bed with my back to him as I put my stockings on, the time was up and I wanted to go. Standing I pulled my dress over my head and zipped it, it was red, with cap sleeves and a boat neck. Before I put on the wide, black belt, I smoothed the dress and then put on my shoes. I took a quick look in the mirror and then looked back towards him to wave good-by.

He held up a finger, indicating he wanted me to wait, I felt impatient, but I leaned against the dresser for him to finish. Finally he asked the caller to hold and he motioned me over as he stood up. From his pocket he took several 100 Euro notes and pressed them into my hand, my tip, as the thanked me. “Can I see you in two weeks,” he asked? “Of course, do you want me to have the agency contact you to make the arrangement,” I asked him? “Great,” was his reply.

Outside the room I texted the desk that I was done and clear, almost immediately my phone began buzzing, I ignored it. Two housekeepers were at a cart, they smiled and greeted me I did the same to them. Waiting for the elevator I took put on my sunglasses. The door opened and there were two men inside, a third got on at the next floor. At the lobby they let me disembark first, but after getting clear, I stepped aside and pretended to look for something in my purse.

After the men passed, I peeked around the corner, shit Anne Marie was working at the desk. There was no way I could make it across the lobby without her seeing me. She didn’t know yet, but I’d need to explain, it would be awkward and I didn’t want to be lying to her also. The initial feeling of excitement on becoming an escort had passed and in their place was a creeping sense of shame, but that too would pass. The hall behind me led to some meeting rooms and offices, there would be an exit that way. My phone was vibrating again in my hand.

Outside I looked at the text, it was the agency; would I take another call. I called the girl, did he ask for me. I was still naïve and hadn’t figured out that they always asked specifically for you. When at 5, where the Renaissance, within walking distance, who she mentioned a name, I asked her, “____ ____ the ___?” She didn’t know. He would be sitting in the lobby near the fireplace, reading a copy of L’Automobile, wearing a navy blazer with a bow-tie. I love bow-ties; I told her that I’d take the call.

I checked the time, 15:13, damn, I really wanted to go back to my apartment, but there wasn’t time, but I need to kill nearly 2 hours. My phone began ringing again this time Marie, she’d want to debrief on my last call and talk about the next. I ignored her, she’d be pissed, but I wanted some time to myself. At the corner of Rue de Castiglione and Rue du Mont Thabor, I stopped and collected my thoughts. SHOP, the soldes had started, that cheered me and as long as I resisted buying anything, or at least much, it would be fine. I’d been struggling with my budget and spending more than I should.

I looked in the window at Vanessa Bruno and went inside, there were a few women looking through the racks and a pair of patient husbands waiting for them. I looked around and as luck would have it found a couple of dresses that I liked. It won’t hurt to try them on I thought. At quarter to 5 I walked out with the dresses, a pair of shoes and a scarf. So much for my budget, but I was feeling upbeat.

As arranged, he was reading by the fireplace and purposefully I walked toward him with a big smile. He looked up and realized who I was, returned the smile and stood. “I’m so happy to see you again,” I said as we exchanged double air kisses and a hug. He offered me a seat and as he sat down, he noted that I was a good actress. “I try,” was my response. Our introductions done we headed off to his room.

Heading home on the Metro, I spotted Elyse sitting at the other end of the car, she looked tired and discouraged. She was hustling for modeling work, a trunk show here a private showing at a designer’s there or a catalog photo shoot, none of it was consistent, even less guaranteed and with the summer vacation coming up even that would end. Late one evening in late August we sat in our darkened apartment where between sobs she told me she didn’t have September’s rent. She knew her career as a runway model was through and with that the opportunity for good money, but her plan was riddled with unknowns, which she acknowledged.

She knew almost as soon as we moved in together that I was escorting, she had been a sugar baby and a close friend was an escorte-girl, so she recognized behavior, but she was also clear that escorting was not something that she wanted any part of.

At our stop, she waited for me on the platform, we hugged and I asked if she had a tough day, holding back tears she said she had, but didn’t want to talk then. She changed the subject and asked what I got at Vanessa’s. As we walked to the apartment she asked if I wanted to go out for dinner. That sounded good, but I wanted to change, “why,” she asked as she loved my dress. “It’s a work dress,” I replied and she understood.

The dress exchanged for a tee shirt and skirt, the stilettos for flats, we headed for the local. Our neighborhood was one of the more down at the heels in Paris and the local café wasn’t fancy, a blue collar bistro that seldom had customers from beyond a few block radius. We were quiet at the start of dinner, then the comradery of our growing friendship lightened the mood and our walk home was punctuated by laughter.


Images: Through you Kaleidoscope and Miss Bawdiness.


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Very nice ... an important backgounder

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Always nice vignettes. Thanks& Cheers, 'VJ'

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