Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Andre wants me to get a motorcycle. “We can ride together,” he says. “We ride together now, I’m riding behind you,” is my reply. If the truth be told, he really doesn’t like taking a passenger, but he won’t admit that. This started a couple of weeks ago and has come up a few times since and every couple of days he sends a picture with the note, “This would be a good one for you.”

It’s not that motorcycles intimidate me, though I respect the risk. I had a scooter for a couple of years in college and know what it’s like to ride in traffic. And frankly it would be fun, but my objections are the practical ones; a motorcycle is expensive (not an older one that can be fixed up, no more than 2000€, he says), who’ll maintain it (he will, he says), where will I keep it (his place, or in front of Waldo as there is plenty of room in my parking stall for both).

In truth my base reason for not getting one is that I’ve too much stuff and enough hobbies to keep me going. But I could give in, the other night I guy let me sit on his vintage BMW, it was cool and for sale at the bargain price of only 25,000€. Double scratch that one off.

I’d rather settle for a Ruby helmet and some vintage leathers.



Anonymous VJ said...

I smell a rat here too. He's having problems with 'sharing', or is uncomfortable with you traveling so 'close'. So be it. It's a really expensive way to work around a phobia, or to pawn off one of your old bikes to make some money off of a friend. Sad indeed! But you're right, no one needs to keep on collecting 'stuff' for more hobbies. He could always Lend you a bike too. It's not like he has a shortage of them, and like you actually need or want to OWN one! Cheers, 'VJ'

2:23 AM  
Blogger J said...

I'm with VJ on this

3:42 AM  

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