Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Business travel and spending nights in hotels has a couple of small benefits, one being an opportunity to catch up on some reading. Among my bookmarks was a NY Times Magazine article on Hugh Hefner. Many view Hefner as preposterous, an embarrassment or pathetic, but he has achieved something that is rare, his lifestyle has defined a brand and that brand defines a way of life for (perhaps too) many people who try to emulate it on some level. Thinking about others whose personal brand has spun off a lifestyle; Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart come to mind, but after the choices can be subject to strong counter argument.

Thinking about Hef and Playboy reminded me of a scanned Playboy article that was posted at The Selvedge Yard, shown below. As the writer for the Selvedge Yard notes, no wonder guys are so screwed up about women.

Of course, now that I've re-read this, I'll be self-conscious of how I'm sitting this evening at dinner.

Nice legs though.



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