Sunday, April 03, 2011

Exiting the Périphérique, Andre slowed on the ramp for a car to pass and then accelerated across a traffic lane. The bike’s exhaust sound reverberated off the over pass as we went through it. A couple of kilometers down the road, we slowed to turn into a drive, the bike nearly without forward progress as we waited for another car. When the car past, the bike leaned so precipitously to the left I thought we were falling over and I held Andre more tightly. The bike leapt forward righting itself and then banked to the right as we passed through the gate. We turned into an area between two buildings and past several trailers backed up to loading docks. On the right there was a ramp to the top of a dock and Andre maneuvered the bike up it.

Just past the freight door he stopped the bike and had me get off and then he dismounted. As we took our helmets off he said, “Scared you, huh?” Referring to the turn, “A little,” I admitted. He stepped past me and unlocked the freight door, which actually was the entrance to an elevator and then backed the bike on to it and we went up. At the third level he pushed the bike off the elevator and into a passageway. He dug the keys out of his pocket and handed them to me asking me to open the door at the end of the hall that he pointed to.

Scampering ahead of him so he wouldn’t have to wait till I opened the door I went in and found the light switches on the right, where he said they were. There were several and not knowing which one, I flipped them all on and the space lit up like day and a radio came on loudly. After pushing the bike into the space he put it on the side stand and shut off the radio. Then took a pan a placed it under the engine. “Why did you do that?” I asked. He replied with a smile that the bike, “liked to leak a bit of oil, its British after all.”

As he talked I’d been looking around the space, it was pretty good size. To the left were a couple of sculptures in progress and a rack of metal. Straight ahead there was a motorcycle lift with a bike on it a long workbench and two large toolboxes, on the side there were three more bikes, mostly disassembled and boxes of parts. To the right there was a drywall partition, behind which was his living space, such that it is. Why I was still planning to spend the night with him there and not demanding that he take me home, I’ll never know.

Around four I awoke needing to pee badly; the toilet was through a door and off a hall. I cringed at the grit that I felt under my feet. The toilet was reasonably clean, I’ve used much worse and my business finished, I flipped the light off and opened the door. There was a man there, a large naked man, he grabbed me and I began screaming, while kicking and hitting at him. He wouldn’t let me go as he pushed me back in to the toilet the door closing behind us. I screamed louder and then the light came on and Andre entered the room. At that time it began seeping into my brain that both I and my suspected attacker were calling Andre for assistance. He was Andre’s neighbor and they shared the toilet and to complicate things more, without his glasses he sees mostly shapes of things up close.

The excitement over, we stood there naked and made introductions. Then Andre and I returned to his space and to bed, but with the adrenalin flowing we couldn’t sleep so we began making love. It was better than the night before, we were rested and events provided energy to burn and we did. About six, I jumped up and told him I needed to call a cab in order to return home and tend to Wags. He’d take me home and he did. After walking Wags we cleaned up and went out for breakfast.

This all seems like long ago and like yesterday.



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