Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Juliette and Dad came for dinner last evening, drop the pugs off and to meet Andre. The meeting was a bit overdue, but schedules have been difficult to coordinate and I kept expecting the relationship to be over any second. I met his parents at a gallery opening shortly after we met and they’ve had us over for dinner.

It went well and I wouldn’t have thought that it wouldn’t. Andre cleans up nicely and his parents’ did a good job of instilling proper manners. He was nervous before they arrived and checked with me after they left to gather my impressions.

Talking to Dad earlier he said that he mentioned to Leah that they were coming for dinner and she wished him a good time. Shortly after that Grace called with a list of things Dad needed to learn about Andre and report back to her. He ignored her of course, but he laughed as he recounted the conversation and then told me that of all his children, he worried least about me managing the challenges of life. I appreciate his confidence.



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