Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anne Marie and I were up early to catch some last waves before heading home. Yesterday we gave the cottage a good cleaning, so this morning it only needed a touch up. Funny about dogs and how they sense things; after we made one last tour to ensure we weren’t forgetting anything, we couldn’t find them, which is strange as one or the other is always underfoot. I walked out to the deck to call them and saw them sitting in Buster waiting for us to leave, and so we did.

The drive back to Paris was uneventful, just slow, as is the norm with Buster. Hannah met us at Buster’s garage, so we didn’t have to hassle getting home from there or leave him full of gear parked on the street. We’ve done that before and while there has never been a problem, you never know.

So ends another summer vacation and this will go down as among my favorites. Tomorrow the merry go-round starts up. My schedule is packed the next couple of days and Monday I leave for NY for some meetings before fashion week, from there I’m in Frankfurt for the auto show. No commitment for Andre about coming to NY for a few days and I really want him to. It’s a pride thing as he doesn’t want me paying for his travel. Men, uh.



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